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Retirement Plan Employee Interactions

At CSi Advisory Services, there is a simple phrase that we truly believe in: “What is good for the plan is good for the participants.”

It’s no secret that retirement plans can be complex. If you’re not careful, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that behind the numbers, assets and administrative logistics are hardworking individuals who each have their own plans for the future and personal hopes for their retirement. At CSi, we do our best to keep this human-first focus at the center of everything we do.

One way we do this is by tracking our employee interactions throughout the year. A number of activities fall under the umbrella of employee interactions. These include communicating with employees over email, phone, in-person and Zoom meetings, or by mail.

As retirement plan specialists, we know these personal interactions lead to action and decisions by employees that work towards improving their retirement outlook. From general plan questions, investment reviews, retirement readiness reports, distribution discussions, and even how to log in to their plan’s website— the CSi staff seeks to answer every question, no matter how simple or complicated it may be.

Why is this so important to us at CSi? Because we care. We know that interactions are a powerful tool we can use as we strive to make a difference. With great technology and the human touch, the opportunity for retirement readiness improvement increases significantly.

We believe that when employees have a direct human contact like our CSi advisors, they are listened to, educated and receive guidance that can give them the confidence they need to take positive action steps towards their retirement. With a partner like CSi, there is an added layer of accountability and follow-through that aims to ensure the plan and its employees don’t miss a beat.

Overall, when employees are knowledgeable, supported and making confident decisions, the entire retirement plan has the opportunity to benefit. Simply put, one can not thrive without the other.

In December of every year, we set a goal for the number of employee interactions we want to achieve in the year ahead. In 2020, our total number of interactions was 5,177. Compared to the 2,432 interactions just a year before in 2019, we consider this to be a major accomplishment and a testament to our commitment to our clients.

It’s important to us that as our firm grows, the number of employee interactions grows as well. For 2021, we’ve set a goal for 13,000 employee interactions.

At the end of the day, our hope is that each email, phone call and meeting leave the employee feeling one step closer to achieving their dreams of retirement.

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