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We sit on the same side of the investment table as our clients where we strive to make the best decisions for our clients, their plan and the plan participants.

Achieving successful outcomes requires detailed retirement plan consulting for both employers and employees.


From plan-level conversations such as:

  • Auto-enroll

  • Auto-escalate

  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) selection


To participant education programs that inspire toward action, such as:

  • Debt management assistance

  • Income replacement goals

  • Financial wellness initiatives


Our team is attentive to guide plan sponsors through administrative duties, investment analysis, benchmarking and compliance conversations. We handle plan participants with care when providing education and advice.


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We never place a cap on plan sponsor and participant support. Our service is very personal with multiple in-person committee meetings, enrollment meetings, financial wellness seminars, plan review and plan support. We are committed to serving the best interests of our clients, building dynamic plans that fit your needs and inspire you and your employees to reach for your goals.

At CSi Advisory Services, we believe that being prepared starts early; early education and conversations help to set realistic expectations for your employees. A well-designed retirement plan, based on your unique objectives and goals, helps you and your employees strive to create successful retirement outcomes. Since, a plan without action is nothing. In order to make retirement a reality, your employees actually have to save and allow those savings the opportunity to build without interruption. 

We are aligned with our clients’ needs and company goals. That being said, we will always work together with you to provide objective advice, and act with skill, care and due diligence to guide you through the responsibilities of sponsoring a company 401(k) plan.

  • One-on-one meetings

  • Group Meetings

  • Digital Conversations

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From start-up plans to our clients with over a billion dollars in retirement plan assets, we strive to continuously exceed expectations.  With our experience working with corporate clients for over 30 years, we have created a fiduciary process that helps our clients to follow a prudent process, and at the same time, measure plan success.

As a client of CSi Advisory Services, we will ask you questions, listen, and provide solutions that aim to solve retirement plan difficulties.  Those could include:

  • Plan Administration

  • Investment Analysis

  • Fee Benchmarking

  • Agnostic Plan Provider Reviews

  • Design & ERISA Compliance

  • Participant Advice

  • Fiduciary Education

  • Financial Wellness

  • And more

Driven by robust technology, systems and services, our team has the ability to help drive successful retirement plan outcomes for both plan sponsors and participants.

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