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Outcomes Conference Denver 2019

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Kristi Baker and Joe Williams attended the OUTCOMES 2019 conference – Everybody Wins, a two day event solely focused on ensuring successfully 401(k) participant outcomes! The conference brought together retirement plan and outcome-oriented advisors and covered topics important to plan sponsors and participants. The overall goal was empowering people to make better decisions, but more than just financial decisions, it’s improving a person’s outcomes. The vast majority of a person’s financial needs are met in their place of employment. The conference emphasized the value of private wealth management in ensuring positive participant outcomes and the role financial wellness plays in improving life outcomes, health care outcomes, family outcomes and yes financial outcomes.

a panel of five people with their arms folded
Kristi Baker (far left) and Joe Williams (far right) on the WiPN panel.

Day 2 started with a panel from Women in Pensions Network (WiPN): The Benefits of Purposeful Inclusion, including our own Kristi Baker and Joe Williams.

We are so pleased Joe and Kristi were able to attend this conference and gain new insights to help our participants retire successfully.

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