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Invest in Girls

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

One of the core focuses for CSi is employee education. For almost 18 months, we debated on how we could strategically donate our time to the community, and we kept coming back to the idea of financial education in high schools. Through some research, we found Invest in Girls. We loved their program and how they partner education with introductions to careers in finance. We felt this was a perfect match for us, the only issue was that they were only in East Coast schools. Despite this, we reached out to them and were thrilled when they responded with, “funny you ask, Indiana is on our expansion list.”

For the six months that followed, we worked with them to identify the right school, the right contacts and the right curriculum for the class.On January 8th, we were able to host our first session with 32 girls at Ben Davis High School.It was fascinating to hear what their interests included and the careers they are interested in pursuing.We are very excited for the year ahead to continue working with these amazing young women and help introduce them to this field we enjoy so much.

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