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CSi Year in Review - 2020

Year-end reflections are important for the growth and development of every business and every person. However, it goes without saying that 2020 was unlike any other year before it. The experiences every person and organization went through in 2020 calls for a different kind of year-end reflection. One that looks beyond simply calculating company year-end numbers or setting personal resolutions for the new year.

2020 proved how interconnected our world is, and revealed just how much of our individual well-being is linked to the the welfare of our fellow humans. The same goes for businesses. When it comes down to it, any company’s success depends on its people.

So, instead of basing our end of year reflection on the typical company numbers or surface-level stats, we decided to shift the focus to our CSi staff, and asked them to reflect on a few questions:

What is something 2020 taught you (personally, professionally, or both)?

What is your favorite CSi memory from this year?

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

2020 is a year we will never forget. It tested everything we know, and inflicted unprecedented challenges onto our company, our clients, and each of us as individuals. But as our reflections showed, within all the tough lessons was a silver lining.

We learned not to take the little things for granted. We learned the value of connection, freedom and togetherness. We learned to be patient and to give grace to ourselves and others. Finally, we learned that resilience, flexibility and adaption are the keys to embracing change.

As we close this chapter and look towards 2021, we are full of hope- for travel, connection and celebrations. We are hopeful for healing, hugs and health.

All of us at CSi Advisory Services are inspired by the strength of our clients and the ways in which they carried themselves and their organizations through all the storms that 2020 brought their way. In 2021, CSi will continue to strive to be a committed partner in helping our clients navigate the journey to successful retirement.

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