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CSi Goes to Washington

In July, Kelli Davis had the honor of representing the American Retirement Association (ARA) during their annual March on Capital Hill. This annual event is the national association’s opportunity to meet with sitting members of the Senate and Congress to discuss pending retirement legislation. Day 1 consisted of hearing from members of the association as well as sitting Senators Tim Scott of South Carolina and Robert Portman of Ohio. Day 2 was kicked off by a discussion with Congressman Rich Neal of Massachusetts, the current chair of the Ways and Means Committee. The remainder of the day consisted of meetings with our state’s elected officials and their staff.

Kelli at the U.S. Capitol Building

As a member of the Indiana delegation, I had the privilege of meeting with Senator Braun and his staff. We also had the opportunity to meet with Senator Young’s staff. During our meetings, we were able to discuss pending legislation meant to improve retirement plan access. CSi is supportive of current legislation expanding retirement plan coverage for American workers. We were pleased we were able to participate.

The Indiana delegation with Senator Braun

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