CSi Fun Day 2020

For this year’s Team Building Day, lovingly nicknamed “CSi Fun Day,” our staff took their skills out of the office and into the kitchen for a challenge straight out of a Food Network television show. The CSi crew headed to Chef JJ’s in Downtown Indianapolis, where we enjoyed a round of appetizers, and then split up into two teams.

Each team were given the same ingredients, and tasked with crafting dishes for two rounds: flatbread & salad and the entrée, which included chicken, steak and potatoes. Each team was to make enough for everyone to enjoy, as well as to create a plate for Chef JJ’s judges to analyze on taste and presentation. After lots of laughs, bursts of creativity and friendly competition, Team 1 prevailed as the winner.

No matter the winner or loser, this year’s Team Building Day was as delicious as it was fun!

Check out the pictures below for a peek into the day:

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