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CSi Fun Day

An annual tradition of CSi is our Annual Fun Day. It’s our annual team building day, but we feel Fun Day just sounds much better. This year we started with lunch in downtown Indianapolis and then divided into three teams. Our task for the day was to complete a scavenger hunt. Some tasks included finding our name on a billboard or building; finding a parking meter with exactly 17 minutes left; and making a group yoga pose near a body of water. Our day concluded with 10 Layer Ice cream cake at Champps (sadly, the ice cream cake was eaten so quickly, no pictures exist). We look forward to this day each year and look forward to what next year will bring.

The winning team! (From Left to Right: Jess Williams, Joe Williams, Kelli Davis, Erinn Metzger)

2nd Place Team (From Left to Right: Roger Conrad, Kristi Baker, Mitch Parker)

3rd Place Team (From Left to Right: Kimberly Wakeman, Ann Wakeman, David Nichols, Joe Nierman)

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