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3 Things to Love About the HR Indiana SHRM Conference

We headed to the largest HR conference in the country. Here is a glimpse into what we took away from the experience.

HR professionals know how to connect, support each other, and have fun doing it. This August, the HR Indiana SHRM conference came to Indianapolis, Indiana. Two of our advisors, Kyle Brown and Kristi Baker, represented CSi Advisory Services, and gave us a rave review when they returned.

Here’s what they loved about the HR Indiana SHRM experience.

  1. Listening to Highly Respected Professionals Speak on Timely Topics HR Indiana SHRM provides us with a dedicated platform to educate ourselves and dive even deeper into the retirement space, allowing us to have a broader perspective and more tools to serve our clients’ needs. The conference’s speaker agenda was incredibly well-organized. Top voices in the industry spoke on everything from “the Great Resignation” to organizational identity and culture. It's easy to fall into a routine with our work, and it’s refreshing to see that HR professionals all over the country are continually finding new ways to stay engaged in their employees’ satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

  2. Seeing People Face-to-Face and Strengthening Those Relationships HR Indiana SHRM gives us that precious facetime with clients, industry leaders, and prospective clients that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It’s an opportunity to show our network that we genuinely care and are actively engaged in what we do. It’s such an uplifting experience!

  3. Relaxing and Enjoying the Reception, Sponsored by HUB International CSi Advisory Services is a division of HUB International, which is the organization that sponsored the conference’s Tuesday night reception. Our team relaxed and chatted with other attendees, playing in the photo booth, eating good food, and watching karaoke. The community of it all was the best part of the conference—connecting and just being present with people who are all doing their absolute best to help each other thrive.

Are you a leader in the HR space?

CSi Advisory Services provides retirement benefits with employee education and support that make your employees feel cared for. To learn more, explore our employer services.

Reach out to our team if you have any questions about your current benefits plan, what employee education can look like, and how to increase employees’ satisfaction in their benefits package.

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