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School's Out! Year-End Reminders for Public School Plan Sponsors

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

With school almost out for the summer, it is a great time for educators to assess their district’s retirement plan offerings and benefit programs. Managing an education plan requires plan sponsors to juggle a variety of responsibilities on top of their already demanding schedules- including overseeing multiple providers, understanding intricate compliance testing requirements, selecting investment options, and upholding fiduciary responsibilities. All things considered, it can be easy to lose sight of the main objective of your retirement plan- maximizing your faculty and staff’s retirement income potential.

We asked Kelli Davis, CSi’s Vice President of Retirement Plan Consulting, to answer a few questions that may be helpful to educators and school officials looking to enhance their district’s retirement plan offerings.

1). Why do you enjoy working with school plans? Why did you decide to make them a focus?

2). What is your experience with K-12 plans? What services do you provide as an advisor on the plan?

3). Is a 403(b) plan the only option for school plans? Or are there any alternatives?

4). What aspects of the school market make it potentially more complex than a regular, for-profit organization's plan, such as a 401(k)?

5). What are common misconceptions or missed opportunities you see school officials having regarding their plans?

6). Do you have any advice for plan sponsors?

7). Do you have advice for school faculty and staff who are participating in their district's plan? What can they be doing to save for their retirement and get the most out of their plan?

If you are a public school retirement plan sponsor interested in learning more about how Kelli Davis and CSi can help you with your district's retirement plan, click the button below to submit a request for consultation.

Looking for more 403(b) plan sponsor resources? Check out our 10 Questions for Public School Plan Sponsors article below. Can you answer them all?

10 Questions for Public School Plan Sponsors
Download PDF • 155KB


This information is not intended as authoritative guidance or tax or legal advice.

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