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Case Study: Participant Outcomes

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

At CSi Advisory Services, we seek to improve retirement outcomes for the plan participants we serve. In addition to encouraging employers to utilize plan design features such as automatic enrollment and automatic deferral increases, we employ a variety of methods to engage and educate participants, including group education, one-on-one meetings, personalized retirement gap analysis, webinars and newsletters. The scenarios below offer a glimpse into why advice matters.

Dave was behind on retirement planning and hadn't put together a financial plan.

- Built emergency savings fund
- Enjoyed family vacations
- Purchased car with his savings
- Saved for his two children's college, including one child's doctoral program
- Planned for Social Security filing and Medicare eligibility
- Retired early at age 62

Sam and Raquel got married this year. Sam is a high earner and the couple recently moved to Indiana from out of state. As a young couple, it was important to them to review and discuss their finances in detail. Their goals include starting a family (both a baby and a dog!) purchasing a second home on the lake, and retirement.

- Sam began maxing out his 401(k) contribution
- Raquel began contributing to her 403(b)
- Consolidated previous retirement accounts
- Back door ROTH conversion on Sam's traditional IRA
- Established joint investment account and making recurring contributions
- Adding Term Life Insurance for Sam

When Brenda joined her employer in 2001 at age 50, she had considerable debt and no retirement savings.