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Plan Design Consulting

Choosing appropriate operational features is critical to the success of your retirement plan. 

Our in-depth knowledge on plan documents, administration, audits, and testing allow us to help you customize a plan to meet your needs. Our job is to keep you informed and assist you with staying in tune with regulatory changes, so we can aim to impact the plan and your participants in a positive way.


Plan Consulting Services

RFP Vendor Search, Evaluation, & Benchmarking

  • With our extensive knowledge of the plan marketplace, we help you to evaluate retirement plan service providers. Since we are provider agnostic, we are impartial and independent in our process to evaluate the features, tools, and fees. We provide a comprehensive search process to assist in your fiduciary responsibilities of selecting and monitoring your service providers.


Fiduciary Training

  • Understanding your fiduciary responsibilities is key. We provide training and work with the retirement plan committee to focus on your roles and responsibilities and helps you manage and understand your plan at a high level. Our fiduciary training and services seek to help you to minimize and manage your responsibilities and duties.

  • Visit our Fiduciary Library for more information and training resources  


Fee Transparency

  • Educating plan sponsors about the costs of their company's retirement plan is important, so that plan committees can make informed decisions and feel confident that the fees associated with their plan are reasonable. Our commitment is to educate plan sponsors about services and costs to document fee reasonableness.


Compliance & Audit Support

  • Remaining in compliance with the plan document and rules and regulations is an important plan function.  Our thoroughly documented process assists in plan audits, IRS or DOL audits. Being prepared in advance of such an event is a key to help ensure a smooth outcome.

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