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Mitchell Parker

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Retirement Plan Administrative Specialist

Why I Go To Work Everyday?

Understanding your finances is one of the most important and complicated lessons we ever learn and the cornerstone for most people is their retirement account through their employer. Helping make sure that this integral piece of someone’s plan is operating as it should and being utilized correctly is a really great feeling. Working with retirement plans is a great fit for my personality.

How Did I Get Here?

I started in financial services immediately after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Finance. I started working with individuals on their personal financial plans, and after three years, joined the administration team at Compensation Systems to help work with retirement plans. It’s been a way to marry my love of numbers and analytics with planning and design. Since joining Compensation Systems I have earned the Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) and the Qualified 401(k) Consultant (QKC) designation.

Why I Care About This Industry?

Sooner or later just about everything comes down to money. Can I afford a house? Am I able to start a family? And eventually: will I be able to retire? Qualified retirement plans are one of the most important and complex parts of people’s financial lives and making sure that they are designed and administered effectively is how I know I’ve played a small but meaningful role in the lives of many. 

Who I Really Am . . .

If you looked up the definition of “nerd” in the dictionary there is a very real possibility that you would find a picture of me next to it. I’m a regular at my local comic shop, have a weekly game night with my friends, and have been to midnight premieres of too many movies to count. Now that said, most of that takes a backseat to football once September arrives. Then you’re more likely to find me in South Bend cheering on my beloved Notre Dame beside the rest of my family as we have for years.

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