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Zack O'Connor

Consulting Intern

Why I Go To Work Everyday?

I am eager to go to work because I want to learn more about the industry and how I can use my skills to leave a positive impact on someone else’s life. I enjoy meeting new people and working with clients to learn more about their goals and how to develop a plan to pursue those goals. 

How Did I Get Here?

I am an incoming senior at Butler University and am pursuing a double major in Finance and Risk Management and Insurance. At Butler, I am currently learning about the principles of investing and how important it is to have a strong financial plan, especially at a younger age to have a clearer retirement plan. 

Why I Care About This Industry?

I enjoy setting new goals and learning along the way as I work towards reaching those goals. I also enjoy helping others pursue their goals, especially their financial goals. Having a strong financial plan and financial management is not only important in day-to-day life, but also in the future because being financially stable allows people to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Who I Really Am . . .

Growing up I was very involved in sports, but now that my competitive athletic days are over, I enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling to new places with friends and family. I have been a lifelong fan of Butler basketball and was fortunate to watch them upset many top-ranked teams!