Taylor Fisher

Consulting Intern

Why I Go To Work Everyday?

Ever since I was a kid I loved being in my mom’s office. I enjoyed watching relationships be built and managed, as well as watching different employees achieve success. This exposure as a child is what led me to wanting a job that I could help people and reach my own success. I wanted my own relationships with coworkers and clients. I also have a huge passion for education, so I appreciate being able to go to work every day and learn something new.

How Did I Get Here?

As a junior in college, I am pretty unsure of what I want to do for the rest of my life. After multiple internship experiences with corporate finance and accounting, I realized I wanted to look at other industries and career paths. This is what led me to apply for the Consulting Internship position at CSi. After interviewing with CSi for an internship, I was excited about the opportunities that retirement planning offers. I could work with numbers and investments, while still being able to get out of the office and directly help clients.

Why I Care About This Industry?

Truthfully, I never knew much about retirement planning until this internship with CSi. It only took one interview with Erinn and Kelli before I realized this industry is so important because it impacts every single person. Retirement funds are a necessity and many people don’t have the education or tools to figure it out on their own. I also really love how hands-on this industry allows you to be.

Who I Really Am . . .

I am originally from Iowa City, Iowa. I moved to Indianapolis to attend Butler University where I have pursued studies in Finance and Economics. Butler has kept me busy; I am in different organizations ranging from club volleyball to the Finance board for the Student Government Association. After two different study abroad experiences, I have come to realize I have a major passion in traveling and global business.