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Rebecca Wright

Marketing Intern

Why I Go To Work Everyday?

As an intern at CSi, I want to further my professional career while building on my current academic experience. I’m currently a rising senior at Taylor University, studying Marketing and Public Relations. I’m hoping to build on my background in digital marketing, event coordination, and team leadership while expanding my experience in the areas of marketing, communications, and financial planning. I love working on teams, and especially love working with new people. Most of all, I’m excited to learn about the functions of a successful company like CSi and the importance of client relations by working in close proximity to other professionals. 

How Did I Get Here?

I applied for an internship at CSi Advisory Services this past spring (in 2021) after meeting Kristi Baker at an executive talk hosted by the Taylor University business department. I was inspired by her passion for others and work ethic and wanted to be a part of her team. I’m hopeful to increase my knowledge of the financial field by working with professionals like Kristi at CSi. 

Why I Care About This Industry?

Managing money is one of the keys to success that all people need to learn. My friends and I (we call ourselves WIBs, meaning “women in business”) are guilty of this ourselves as we too often are out buying coffee together! Beyond this, financial planning takes on a whole new level of importance once student debt and investment opportunities get involved. This industry truly does important work, and I’m excited to be a part of something so significant.  

Who I Really Am . . .

Born and raised in Ohio, I’m pretty used to the flat land that encompasses my current home in Indiana! I love the Midwest-- the people, the family-centric lifestyle, and even the snow. I also love to spend time outside, but if given the option I’d choose to be indoors by the fireplace with meaningful conversation. My outgoing personality, both at work and in other circumstances, sometimes makes me seem like I’m extroverted. However, I cherish my alone time! I usually spend my free time journaling, making new playlists, or drinking coffee with friends and family.