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Joshua Garmon

Client Relations Professional

Why I Go To Work Everyday?

I know how stressful and scary dealing with finances can be. That’s why I enjoy getting to build relationships with our clients. As the Client Relations Professional, I can use my friendly personality to help make this whole experience a little bit easier for them. It is really gratifying to see clients pursue their financial goals and know I am able to play a small role in this process.

How Did I Get Here?

I started my journey after college as a math educator and swim coach. After a few years I wanted a new challenge, which led me to roles in customer service. I enjoyed helping customers find solutions to a variety of problems. I’m excited to transition those skills into my role at CSi helping clients with their financial future.   

Why I Care About This Industry?

Both of my parents were in financial based careers, so I grew up knowing the value of financial security. With that being said, I know how overwhelming financial discussions and planning can be. This industry offers needed guidance so people know they’re not alone in their journey to financial wellness.    

Who I Really Am . . .

I was a D1 swimmer, and now focus on coaching future swimmers. I spend a lot of my time outside of work coaching. There is nothing more exciting than watching swimmers achieve their goals and become better athletes. Besides that, I enjoy spending my free time playing board games with friends or watching basketball.